Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Behind the scenes at the Rio 2016 Flag handover rehearsals

Rehearsals for the Rio 2016 Flag handover take place in an incredibly big warehouse in Convoy wharf across the river from Canary Wharf, its dusty and a bit like a warehouse party due to the loud PA system they have there. Aug 2012

So after emails bouncing back and forth for months, and a lot of hard work from Marcus Cabeca from Axe Capoeira UK, we are getting our 45 second performance together.

 Mestre Papa-Leguas, Marcus Cabeca, Me, Instrutor Madeira.... Axe aos todos!

I've the great honor of performing with Aldenise, Geyza, Marina and Giselle, Students of Fernanda Bianchini in Sao Paulo. In our show we are choreographed to demonstrate Capoeira with Ballet and Samba, which the girls have learnt to dance without ever seeing it. The girls are all blind, and have been taught through touch and the creativity of Fernanda as a teacher. There is no federal support for Fernanda's Ballet school for the blind. It exists solely on donations. the BBC recently reported on their work.

Please have a look at the article:
BBC article: Brazil ballet school for the blind and visually impaired

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